Dec 14, 2018

Our Love Story


Your love story is SO important and unique to you. As a wedding photographer, a huge part of why I do what I do is so that I can capture that love story – so that you can look back for years to come, and be brought back to that moment of your wedding day instantly. So that after a big fight, you can look at the canvas on your wall and smile through the tears, because you remember why you’re together & how much love you have for one another.⠀

This week I launched a wedding giveaway with a team of amazingly talented vendors (if you haven’t already applied, GET ON THAT). Part of the application asks for couples to share their love story. I have been so blown away by all the stories that have been shared with us so far! Seriously guys, I am so humbled that you would share your hearts with us in such detail. While reading through these, I realized that I’ve never actually shared my love story with you! So, today I wanted to do just that. Also, since today marks me being 38 weeks pregnant, and I know that soon enough I’ll be gushing over our Baby Girl, I think it’s only fair that I gush over this great man for a little bit…⠀


Pete & I technically met in college. We had a ton of mutual friends, but never actually hung out. My senior year, I threw a party with my apartment-mates for all of our alumni friends – Pete was on the guest list! No, sparks didn’t fly that night, BUT he did end up sleeping on the floor of my room since all the couches were taken. Poor guy had to listen to my roommate and I complain about my latest break up while we put together a list of my “dream man” qualities (no joke! Little did I realize he was literally under my nose). We didn’t talk or hang out after that….he was still just a friend of a friend. Fast forward two years, and we reconnected at a friends birthday party. I’ve always been a last name kind of gal, and was greeted by “FUSCO!!” as I walked in.


We talked all night, had a “worst dance moves” dance off, and I was hooked. I had work the next morning and had no intention of staying late, but before I knew it the bar was closing, my phone was dead, and I had to RUN to make it to the last train home before it left (and guys… I. Hate. Running!).

A few days later I had a Facebook notification that he had written on my wall…one single word…”burritos.” *sigh* Talk about romance, amiright?! Seriously though, it was perfect – we set up a time to go out, had burritos, walked and talked, and at the end of the night as he pulled up to drop me off at home, I patted/scratched him on the shoulder and hopped out of the car. (Shocker: I’m super awkward!) I could audibly hear him laugh at me as I walked to the door.


He texted me that night though (the whole three day rule is crap), and we started making plans to hang out again. Ever since that first burrito date, we were inseparable. Everything felt so natural together, and I just knew he was it for me. After 6 months of dating we moved in together, and then got engaged after two years (a story which I’ll bore you with another time).


We’ve been together for over 5 magical years, and we’re about to bring a Baby Girl into the world…we’re over the moon excited for this next chapter in life, and I’m sure it will be filled with plenty more happy & awkward moments to come!


If you’ve made it through this entire post, thank you! Now it’s your turn… I want YOU to go ahead and take a minute to tell your significant other how much you love them. Remind them you love them no matter what. That you choose them every day, and will continue to do so forever!

*Photo Credit: Tiffany Von*



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