Mar 22, 2018

Spring at the Silo’s – My Trip to Waco

Last week I hopped on a plane in Boston, flew into Dallas, drove to Waco, and attended Spring at the Silos – an event put on by Magnolia Market. I was only in Texas for 55 hours, but it was worth every second!

Now,  I am not one to typically go on a spontaneous vacation, and leaving Pete and Cos at home was not easy for me, but the stars just seemed to align for this one, guys…

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I jumped on the Joanna & Chip Gaines’ bandwagon a long time ago.  Pete & I love (and relate to) their banter, and her style? Come on! I want to live in every single house they’ve flipped! (Insert all of the heart eyes here!!)

So, when the opportunity presented itself of my being off work, Spring at the Silo’s happening, aaaand finding affordable flights?! I just HAD to book my own little adventure and head to Waco.

…now is probably a good time to admit that I wasn’t going to book the trip at first. My husband is an amazingly supportive man though, and he encouraged me to take the leap and go for it. He challenged this introverted & socially awkward girl to spread her wings and go on a solo trip across the country! Why? Because it would not only make me happy, but would also push me in ways and situations that I would typically avoid. I feel so fortunate to have a man who encourages me to grow every dang day!

For those of you who hope to one day visit Magnolia Market – do it! I absolutely loved it there, and I was all by my lonesome! It seems like such a perfect little vacation spot for families. I loved seeing all of the pups running around, and kiddos playing cornhole, while their parents sipped on sweet tea and munched on cupcakes from the Silo’s bakery.

I’m already planning another trip to Waco in the future, this time with Pete (& Cosmo?) in tow, but until then I guess I’ll just have to look at these pretty pictures to hold me over…

P.s. Joanna – don’t worry, we’ll meet & become best friends next time! 😉




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