Feb 23, 2018

Social Media: Take 2

I love photography – no surprise there! However, I’m not so great at this whole social media thing… You’d think that someone my age would thrive on the convenience and reach of these social platforms, but NOPE! I struggle with every post, overthink my captions, get frustrated over finding unique content, and eventually decide to just “take a break” from it. Although I do enjoy that time away from Instagram and Facebook, I know how silly I’m being. None of you expect me to have the perfect post each and every time, and I’m doing a disservice to myself for stopping altogether. Blog posts are another struggle for me – I overthink everything, guys! This post is the first in almost a year for me! Can you believe that?!

Well, I’m calling myself out for you all to see… I am making a promise to myself, and all you lovelies, to not let my overly anxious mind get in the way of being present.

As as way to kickstart that promise, I am SO happy to have this post be the very first featured on my brand new website! I am loving how it all turned out; this rebranding is just the boost I needed! 🙂

Here’s to starting over and trying again. Here’s to giving my business a facelift, and kicking my butt back into gear. Here’s to trying to use platforms that normally intimidate me. Here’s to sharing what I’m passionate about, and not overthinking it all.




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